Specific services and products to meet client needs

Working in our six climate-focused practice areas, we can craft solutions to help clients accomplish a range of objectives, including:

Identify which Natural Climate Solutions hold the greatest potential as pathways to capture and sequester carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases — and which possible solutions are red herrings,

Identify which natural climate solutions are best-suited to your business practice or conservation focus in our coastal seas and the open ocean, including:

  • an ever-growing range of technologies for ocean carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and
  • technologies and solutions that may contribute in additional ways to the climate resilience of local communities

Apply the latest data and models to evaluate climate-related risk to infrastructure, personal residences, current or potential conservation properties, shipping routes, supply chains or government/corporate operations,

Develop and exercise emergency response or incident management plans, particularly for contingencies and potential disasters that may be exacerbated by our changing climate,

Analyze the risk to strategic infrastructure and national security interests in the polar regions, and

Prioritize key actions to develop a climate reslience & adaptation plan for your community, government, organization, company or agency