S2S: Science and solutions for the toughest climate challenges

Discover & select effective ocean-based Natural Climate Solutions with objective, expert analysis. Develop resilience through mitigation & adaptation. Understand your climate-related risk exposure. Adapt to the impacts of a changing climate.

A focus on actionable solutions

Trusted leaders and strategic advisors. Experts in natural climate solutions, global sustainability, climate reslience and the impacts of environmental change on national defense. Extensive training in oceanography and climate science at MIT, Yale and the University of Washington. Two decades of maritime operations experience in both civilian and military service. Marine technology and ocean conservation innovators. Proven results under pressure on dozens of natural disasters and human-caused emergencies, including experience as a nationally certified Incident Commander. Teachers, listeners and research scientists.

As we face a shared future full of urgent environmental challenges, let S2S apply our expertise and experience to help your company, organization, agency or department discover and leverage natural climate solutions, be more resilient, evaluate your climate-related risk exposure, or adapt to the impacts of a changing climate.

Deploying oceanographic equipment from the R/V Knorr Planning using the Incident Command System

What we bring to the table

A "bottom line up front" operator's approach to provide our busy clients with what they need to know, when they need to know it, by distilling complex scientific and operational information into specific, actionable, timely recommendations,

A deep understanding of complex chemical systems from the smallest scales in individual living cells to the massive biogeochemical cycles of carbon and other elements that define the Earth's oceans and climate system,

An inside perspective on the ever-changing environment, climate and national security policy landscapes,

The wisdom of diverse experience that includes decades of professional practice in oceanographic research, maritime operations, disaster response and U.S. military service, and

A dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion